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Derrick crane TD3030-16

  • TD3030-16
  • 8426200000

A derrick crane is a specific style of lifting machine. It is usually a fixed crane, meaning it is assembled and disassembled in the location where it is used, although there are some very small mobile styles. Generally, the crane is characterized by its long, fixed length tower. These cranes are typically used in locations where items need to be moved from a common initial point to single nearby location, like on shipping platforms and construction sites.

This crane is composed of a tower that pivots at the base. The tower is generally made up of a web work of steel pipes and braces, creating a lot of strength. The tower is connected to four lines which work independently of one another, allowing the crane tower to move freely in any direction. A single fifth line hangs over the end of the tower and has a hook on the end. This line moves up and down and hooks onto items.

Since the hook can go up and down freely, a derrick crane is often used to raise and lower items in a high location, like on high-rise buildings. Often, during the end phase of construction, a crane is brought to the top of the building and assembled on the roof. The derrick then lowers the equipment to the ground, after which it is disassembled and brought down as well.


Construction Roof Derrick Crane main features:

1) This machine is a small fixed tower crane with derricking jibs: light mechanism, 

reasonable force, large carrying capacity with slight structural deformation.

2) In favor of a small construction site, and you can load amplitude, install heavy objects easily.

3) Comfortable operation, safe security, broad vision.

4) The luffing roof crane has standardized components, convenient for maintenance,

also in a high level of generalization.

5) Metal structures made by high quality alloy steel and seamless steel pipe, which has wind resistance,and good looks.

6) Stable capability of each mechanism.

7) Security devices in lifting,Luffing and slewing mechanism is sensitive and reliable.

8) Luffing Crane mechanism with frequency control, has stable speed and convenient 

for being in place.


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