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Tower Crane Services Case Study

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Tower Crane Services Case Study

INDUSTRY Commercial Construction

EQUIPMENT USED: 10 Ton F023B 60m Luffing Jib

Right after our crane division launched, one of SYM tower crane projects came from a brand new customer.

Our new client relied on our team to provide tower crane services in Philippines.The job was to safely set up and erect an F0/23B(QTZ145) Topkit tower crane with 60m of jib.


Challenges in the New Field of Tower Crane Services

Making a solid impression counted in more ways than one. Of course, our on-site team members and everyone in our home office wanted to impress this new client, whom we hoped to continue working with in the future.

But more was at stake. We needed to provide top-notch tower crane services to this client if we ever hoped to not only succeed, but truly flourish long term in the crane erection services industry.

The Heat is On – And Plentiful Resources and Experience Wins the Day

Drawing on deep wells of education and experience, SYM tower crane services division brought an abundance of strengths, skills and abilities to plan, execute, and manage the project to completion.

We also possessed the right resources to get the job done quickly and efficiently. As with the majority of our services, our substantial inventory of large-scale equipment proved critical for success.


A Successful Tower Crane Service Project Was Just the Beginning

The job to set up and erect the F0/23B(QTZ145) Topkit tower crane with 60m of jib was a success.

With a height under hook of 200 feet, a picking radius of 100 feet, and the largest piece picked weighing 37,000 pounds, it was safe to say our new crane team left a lasting impression on a first-time customer.

Not only did our dedication to hard work get us in the door with a new customer, we also made a solid impact through excellent service. Our teamwork and speedy completion of this job announced to the world that SYM’s new crane division was here to stay, presenting serious competition in the field of tower crane services.

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